What MY|MONEY Means to Our Clients
Our client’s perception of our service content and delivery is of utmost importance to us.

We have been providing financial advice to a number of client’s employees over the past number of years on a one to one basis and through seminars and tutorials. The feedback we have been receiving from both employees and employers has been terrific and underlines why we believe so much in providing financial education to staff members. This is what staff members have been telling us:

  • "Financial advice was invaluable"
  • I cannot sing the praises of Liam enough. He was brilliant. My wife deals with our finances and has found all the advice we got from Liam to be spot on and he has saved us a lot of money so far. We cannot wait to talk to him some more. Again, Liam has made himself available at all times, I cannot recommend him enough"
  • "Liam has been brilliant in giving us a financial plan for the future"
  • "Advice and support from Liam Croke was excellent"
  • "The financial advice and in particular the professional advice given by Liam Croke was second to none. He offered his up to date detailed knowledge and made us feel that he was there for us in our specific circumstances"
  • "What stands out for me were the sessions with Liam where he quickly and patiently gets to know your situation and then applies his knowledge and expertise to improve/optimize same"
  • "Surprisingly (to me because I nearly didn’t bother with it) it was the financial advice which I found most beneficial. Liam has been a great advisor and is incredibly helpful and knowledgeable.
  • "The financial advice has helped me to ease any worries my family and I might have. We are very comfortable and confident with the financial plan we have agreed"
  • "I feel more confident about my abilities and more relaxed about my financial plan"
  • "Thanks for your time yesterday and looking forward to becoming more financially astute with your assistance"
  • "Nice to have met you too, everybody was delighted with the talk"
  • "Answered all those questions below apart from sum assured on life policies. Really appreciate your help Liam"
  • "Thanks A million for all your help I really appreciate it, I will definitely be recommending you to anyone else who needs financial help"
  • "Thanks Liam, you have been really helpful. I will speak to MBNA this week and try and come to some arrangement. I really appreciate you taking the time to email me back. Thanks again"
  • "Thanks for meeting with Kathleen and myself on Tuesday last. It’s great to get expert advice in this area rather than plodding along ourselves as we have been for many years"
  • "Liam, big thank you for the work you have done"