New Approach

MY|MONEY is pioneering a new approach to financial education based on four key pillars.
1. We understand personal finance needs to be practical for topics such as budgeting, debt, savings, pensions, housing and insurance and how to find the right one to meet the needs of their household.
2. Life Events dictate we face different financial needs at different times throughout our lives, and any education should show people how to think through what is likely to be needed. This can be for expected events, such as starting a family or planning for retirement, or preparing for what we hope might not happen, such as the sickness of a relative, separation or unemployment.
3. Many of us live with others and our financial decisions affect people around us, and, in turn, their decisions affect us. These others may include partners, children or relatives, and we need to understand this inter-connectedness between individuals.
4. We are all busy at work and devote very little time to personal financial education. A consequence is that we don't know how financially fit or otherwise we are. We simply don't have the time and don't know where to look for help and as a consequence neglect our finances until it is too late. MY|MONEY is a proactive financial planning toolkit to gain confidence in dealing with finances in a way that makes it easy to understand.