Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy at MY|MONEY simply is:
We believe people need help making smart financial decisions... Not sales pitches. Not gimmicks. Not conflicts.
And in order to achieve this we believe in:
1. Undivided loyalties
No commissions, sales incentives, or other third-party interests should ever influence the advice or recommendations given. MY|MONEY is a commission free zone!
2. A reputation of trust.
This is built on a proud history of satisfied clients, endorsements from them and referrals throughout the country because of our solid track record of achieving and exceeding clients' individual financial objectives.
3. True Independence.
This is achieved by being unrestricted by bank or brokerage politics, and free to choose from all the products available in the marketplace making sure we bring to our clients the widest selection of choices available to them.
True independence begs the question, "What would we do if we were the client, knowing everything we know about the financial industry?"
  • We look beyond the limited basket of commission-loaded products and proprietary investments promoted by banks and brokerages offer
    independent advice.
  • We maintain an unemotional balance in our advice.
  • We shop around for cost competitiveness and provide complete transparency in all information provided.
  • We employ strategies that are warranted by the economic environment and driven by a regard for taxes, risks and costs - not sales commissions
4. A clear value
We help put more money into the pockets of employees by highlighting cost savings that can be made that will add real value and make financial sense.
These are the principles that we follow. We get support, educate and transform personal finances, we don't sell products!