News Letter:

The 30-34-39 Mortgage Rule

Buying a house is a big decision and from a financial perspective you want to get it right. And what I mean by...
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Questions & Answers (September 2020)

Liam, I invested €45,000 at the start of the year in a diversified growth fund recommended by a broker. The fund...
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Best Credit Card Rates - September 2020

Credit cards tend to have much higher interest rates than any other form of credit, but that can depend on whether...
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3 Ways to Build Equity in Your Home [Faster]

With any typical loan, its’ a fairly simple calculation, just multiply the amount you’re borrowing by the interest...
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Is it worth making a small insurance claim?

Is it worth making a claim, is a question I’m frequently asked by people when it comes to their home insurance policy.
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