News Letter:

How to set your finances on FIRE a blaze

Did you know, if you save 5% of your annual income, you will have to work for the next 66 years before you’ve saved...
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I don’t know my ARF’s from my elbow

I read somewhere recently that the most important language to be fluent in isn’t, German, French, Chinese...
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10 Signs You’re Getting Bad Financial Advice

They say things happen in three’s and that was certainly the case for me last week. I encountered three people who...
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20 vs 30 year mortgage – which is best?

I’m often asked, what’s the best term someone should take out a mortgage for, so I thought it was worth looking...
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10 things you must do, if you lost your job

As promised earlier this week, I’m continuing with the theme of redundancy and in this article, I’m going to...
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How prepared are you, for redundancy?

A couple of weeks ago, 820 people working between Molex and Novartis, were given notice that they were losing their...
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