News Letter:

What’s your 90-day number

I’ve no social life, I don’t buy much in the way of clothes, I shop at Lidl, but, yet at the end of the month...
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Q&A: Help to Buy Scheme for First Time Buyers

The controversial help to buy scheme, looks set to run until the end of 2019 after all, despite claims from some...
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When a 10% loss is still a 50% gain

I received a very interesting email from a MM user last week, asking me what the best way to save for his retirement was?
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8 more ways to get money back from the tax man

Following on from the article posted on Tuesday, as promised, I am continuing with the theme of getting money back from Revenue and in this article, I am going to focus on eight areas, all of which can put money back into your account, where it belongs.
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Missing out? The top 10 tax reliefs not being claimed.

When I ask people what their largest monthly outgoing is, they invariably say it’s their mortgage or...
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Saving v Paying off Debt – which is better?

I received an email from a MM user last week, enquiring whether she should try and accelerate the repayment of some debt she had, or should she use what surplus funds she had each month to save instead?
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