News Letter:

Is it time to exit a fixed rate early, and re-fix it?

Leo Varadkar has warned that interest rates are likely to increase in 2022 and we should prepare for that eventuality. And I think people are beginning to take notice, because the biggest question that’s arriving in my inbox at the moment is from user
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The Twelve Pillars (Part 2)

How prepared are you for redundancy? How prepared are you if you suffered an illness? How prepared are you, if, you....
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The Twelve Pillars (Part 1)

I listened to an audiobook recently, called the Twelve Pillars, written by Jim Rohn and Chris Widener. It’s one of....
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13 Money Rule of Thumb’s (Part 2)

8. The 0-10-7-5, Life Assurance Rule....
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13 Money Rule of Thumb’s (Part 1)

Financial rules of thumb can be useful because they are a quick and easy reference people can refer to which can help.....
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