News Letter:

Buying On-Line – Your Rights

We continue to buy more and more on line. This year, as a nation it is expected we will spend c. €7.5 billion buying...
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How to achieve financial independence

I was listening to an excellent podcast last week, where a gentleman was being interviewed about how he achieved...
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9 Smart Things to Do with Your Annual Bonus

It’s coming to that time of year again, when end of year bonuses, are being talked about, and you may even know what...
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Stay away from these 4 types of financial advisers

When you have accumulated a sum of money through regular savings, an inheritance, or via share schemes, and you want to put it away and invest it for whatever reason, who do you ask for help and advice about what you should do with it?
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Millennials – Don’t let past events affect your future

Your appetite for risk, and your subsequent choice of pension fund which you invest into, has a profound impact on your income in retirement. And unfortunately for some, the impact the financial crisis, has had on them, is preventing them from moving...
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The impact a near death experience can have on your finances

I received a call recently from a woman asking me if I could meet her urgently to review her finances because in her own words they were out of control. She was a friend of a friend and sounded desperate so I agreed to meet her last week.
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