News Letter:

Counting the Cost (C=N*M)

I’ve said it many times before, understanding your mortgage and that’s whether you have one in place or....
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How Much Life Insurance Do You Need?

We often plan for our financial futures assuming that we’ll remain healthy and alive which allow us to continue to...
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Is it Time to Buy These Stocks

We get emails from people all the time, asking for insights into what sector, company or asset class they should...
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The 110 Rule and Your Pension Fund

We get a number of questions every month from people asking for an opinion, about how we think markets are going to...
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Margin of Safety (How it Protects Your Financial Life)

Clients of mine contacted me recently because they just inherited a sum of money (€200,000) and they weren’t quite...
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ESPP – Why they’re a Great Investment

Employee Share Purchase Plans (ESPP) can be a terrific way of accelerating your savings and achieving returns...
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