News Letter:

5 things to do with your money when rates are so low

Someone said to me during the week, that it was a terrible time to have money on deposit because interest rates are...
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Is your mortgage fit for purpose?

I heard a radio advert last week from a mortgage broker encouraging people to consider moving their mortgage to a...
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Market Forecasts 2020 – Our Prediction

On the 11th March, the majority of stock markets will celebrate their 11th bull birthday. A bull market is generally...
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Your 2020 Financial Calendar – Months July to December

July - This month I want you to review your insurances. And when I say insurances, I mean everything from car...
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Your 2020 Financial Calendar - Months January to June

With the New Year firmly upon us, I thought it would be helpful to map out the year ahead for you with some...
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