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Questions and Answers (February 2021)

Hi Liam, I'm looking at buying an apartment with a good friend of mine and we plan on living in the property for a few...
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How to Raisin Your Interest Rate

Someone said to me last week that its’ only a matter of time before banks, start charging us for keeping money on...
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Current Account Charges – The Best and Worst

There are about 5.3m current accounts in Ireland, and it’s always a bugbear of a topic for people, especially when...
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How to Deal With Financial Stress (Part 2)

As promised in our article on Tuesday, I want to get to providing some solutions for those who are feeling anxious...
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How to Deal With Financial Stress (Part 1)

There’s a good chance you’ve experienced financial stress at some stage in your life. Most studies that look...
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