News Letter:

Why your home is not an asset

I was re-reading Robert Kiyosaki’s, classic Rich Dad Poor Dad recently, and what struck me again, was one of the...
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Take cover, and make sure your income is protected

I was asked recently by a MM user, whether he needed to protect his income in the event that he would be unable...
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It’s not the default, it’s your fault!

I met with a gentleman recently who was coming close to retirement (58) and had accumulated a significant amount of...
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Questions & Answers – Part 2

Liam, I’m considering giving my daughter and son-in-law €30,000 towards their new house purchase. They have...
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Questions & Answers – Part 1

Question 1. Liam, I want to financially help my Mother whose 71. Is there a smarter way I can give her money each...
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